The threads of destiny

Une vidéo sur la conception, la naissance, la vie, la mort et la renaissance de l’installation Les fils du destin réalisée par Arnaud Dubois dans le cadre d’une présentation au colloque Beyond Perception 15 de l’université d’Aberdeen en septembre 2015.

Crafting Research : Making an Art Installation from Research Documentations

Arnaud Dubois

Can art help science to communicate? Can the materials studied by social scientists be used in an artistic way ? Can the results of this negotiation bring the curious and those interested in the social sciences a different access to its results, and experience in other ways, its scientific knowledge about human societies? How social scientists and artist work together to produce an art installation ? To challenge these questions, my communication will be based on the current project ‘Threads of Fate’ which has been first shown from the 1st until the 18th of June in the main hall of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. This experimental project, which mix art with social sciences, starting in January 2015 when the members (anthropologist and historian) of the Interdisciplinary Research Programme (IRP) ‘Practice Comparatism : fieldworks, texts, artefacts’ (CNRS-EHESS) gave me access to the materials they studied during they research seminar entitled «Comparative approach of fate : the lot, the part, the link » to make an art installation where audience could be physically confronted to the issue of fate and of divination, the way they are conceived and practiced in several different societies. In describing the process of this first 6 months collaborations to make this installation, I want to ask if the sensible and the scientific in synergy, in exchange and in transfer of skills can help to expand both the perception of the worlds of anthropological survey and the need for mediation which linked freedom of creation and scientific rigour.

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